We continue with a new hospitality project. Empathy and sympathy towards our guests. To indulge the visitor, the traveller, the nomade (digital or not) or the tourist sensitive to new experiences, driven by the curiosity and the search of what’s authentic.

We are not here to reinvent the wheel but to re-address some standards, since in Ses Sucreres. And with their same values as a Biosphere reserve hotel: bio products, a sustainable model of energy and the activity of our local community.


Hevresac space, where the spontaneity and encounters may be source of creativity and, therefore, Art: Miguel MacayaMagí PuigMarç RabalCarlos TárdezGràcia RibalaigaPiers JacksonJosé Á. SintesRita MorenoTakeshi M., Johannes Barthelmes

An inspiring and fresh place with an evident architectural beauty to which we associate a vintage and eclectic decoration to make singular the «false-order-of-things» as well as to harmonize the original and contemporary elements with another look.


The word Hevresac in Minorcan emerges from a colorist ethymology which honours the cosmopolitan Mahón from the Enlightened 18th and 19th centuries. Originary from the German Hafersack, a backpack for the barley, becomes English Haversac and French Havresac.

Hevresac was the family house of the captain, merchant and privateer Joan Roca i Vinent who documented from 1776 to 1826 the "Diari de Mahó"  itemizing the naval activity of the port, the meteorology, the social-political events and tons of anecdotes.


Hevresac is in the historical Illustrated center of Mahon, with a genuine local identity and an entrepreneurial spirit still British. Mahon with the shipyards, the privateers, the ship carpenters and the craftsmen. Also the Arts, the opera and the literary Catalan. 

Hevresac is fairly close to plenty of beaches on the North: es Grau, Presili o Mesquida and the South-East: Son Bou, Binibeca o Ses Olles. And the rest, where every spot is relatively near: Mitjana, Macarella o Cavalleria. And inland walkways and those of the Camí de Cavalls.