We continue. We keep continuing on a new hospitality project. A laboratory of ideas. An empathy and sympathy towards our guests which will be then reverted back to us, to the rest of guests and to the Minorcan community in a virtuous and endless iteration, with complicities and any sort of ideas.

To take care of the visitor, the traveller, the nomade, the tourist with an hevresac, sensitive to new experiences, to the local tastes, real or imagined and driven by the curiosity and the research of what’s authentic and rewarding in its simplicity and complexity. We are not here to reinvent the wheel but to re-address some standards, since our beginnings in Ses Sucreres, Ferreries.

And their same values, bio products and a sustainable model of energy.  Committed. Responsible. Honest with the same values than we preach taking always into consideration our village and local community. Sensitive to the local economic development: small local retailers,  local products (almost family names) and fair traded and quality products.


Hevresac space, where the random, the spontaneity and the unexpected meetings may be source of creativity with an absolute permeability, with a volition to change in a place where all can mute, to unanswered questions, to the path and to the backpack or hevresac.

And therefore, art. Art from everywhere and from our vital journey. From emotions and intellectualizations. Some names as an example: Miguel Macaya, Magí Puig, Març Rabal, Carlos Tárdez, Gràcia Ribalaiga, Piers Jackson, José Ángel Sintes, Rita Moreno, Carlos Mascaró, Takeshi Motoyima, Johannes Berthelemes. And we are nurished by local art galleries in the nearby such as

Plenty of recommendations. Full of iterations, advices, critics and the feedback and validation by our hosts. Neuralgical center of informations, good informations without any interested bias. Honest.

We invite you to enjoy an inspiring and fresh place with an evident architectural beauty to which we associate a vintage and eclectic decoration to make singular the «false-order-of-things» as well as to harmonize the original elements with some contemporary ones under a different look.

In the basement, some common zones bathed with natural light, the kitchen of the hotel for healthy and light meals and a second kitchen full equipped and exclusive for the usage of our guests.  We may adapt the space for lectures, speeches, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, projections as well as we may transform it in an inspiring room equipped with audiovisual means for 30-40 persons.


Hevresac was born from a Minorcan angliscism in the 18th century with a colorist ethymology which honours the cosmopolitan Maó. It stems from a German word Hafersack, a backpack used by farmers to carry on the barley, becoming then French Havresac, British Haversac and Minorcan with a meaning: a backpack for travelling, for the traveller, a backpack full of experiences and sensations.

Hevresac was the family home of the captain, merchant and privateer Joan Roca i Vinent who documented from 1776 to 1826 the chronicon of the Diari de Mahó itemizing the naval and commercial activity of the harbour, the meteorology, the political and social-cultural events with tons of anecdotes, being the unique source of written information of Minorca under the foreign sovereignities.


Hevresac is right in the historical center of Maó, built up under the Spanish sovereignty with a genuine local identity and a mentality and entrepreneurship still British and cosmopolitan. Maó with the shipping arsenal, the shipyards and shipowners, the merchants, the privateers and the artisans, carpenters and craftsmen. Also the Arts, the opera and the literary Catalan. Maó, modern city in Europe. 

Hevresac is fairly close to plenty of beaches. Wild sandy shores on the North: es Grau, Presili o sa Mesquida. Turquoise blue colour calas on the South-East: Son Bou, Talis, es caló d'Es Rafalet o Ses Olles. And the rest, where every spot is relatively only a stone throwaway: Mitjana, Binigaus, el Pilar o Cavalleria. And lots of walkways inside the island and the Camí de Cavalls. And 15min far from the airport.