Hevresac is located in a seigneurial house built up at the beginnings of the 19th century in Maó resulting from the Illustrated and Enlightened cultural inheritance of Maó and at the corner of the streets Anuncivay (number 20) and San Fernando (number 1), streets with a high architectural and patrimonial value. 

Anuncivay street was opened up in 1792 by the Spanish governor Pinedo de Anuncivay while San Fernando in 1802, on disentailed clergy properties as well as on the former protestant cmetery where neoclassical buildings were constructed by the merchants enriched culturally and economically because of the benefits of international trading and the privateer activities in the Mediterranean sea.

Please use public transports as much as possible all around the island, see time schedules in:


Where do we park near to Hevresac?

Map 1 four options to park in the nearby of Hevresac. We think that the option 3 is an optimal one as it is free (the first half), large and near to the hotel:

Website page of the Mahon Town Hall with all parking options: http://www.ajmao.org/Contingut.aspx?IdPub=8332


How do we arrive to Hevresac?

Best way to reach Hevresac, point 1 Me1 road or Ciutadella street coming from the West, Ciutadella, Alaior, the airport or even the port terminal, avoiding as much as possible the town center.