We will be delighted to help you organizing your stay and activities in Minorca during any season throughout the year: beaches, walking routes, trekking or hiking, horse riding, cycling or mountain bike cycling, boat, llaüt and kayak sailing, scuba diving, traditional festivities in summer with the Minorcan horse as the true protagonist and even where to pick up mushrooms or to watch migrating birds.

Likewise, to choose the North or the South, the quiet or lively places, the traditional or creative restaurants and some local shopping spots. In addition, to feel the Tramontana wind, the embers of the fireplace and a good glass of Minorcan wine in our common zones and the energizing outdoors activities, the green fields, the thousands of flowers, the light of the island all year round and the sea, always the sea.

And our praxis which aligned with the theory and values. Transparency. We subjectively share with you what we like from our sensitivities. We do believe in a real collaborative and qualitative economy with our closest community for a common good, Minorca, visioned in a responsible and long term sustainable perspective.



All over the year, here listed many more proposals during your stay in Minorca.

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...And please use public transports as much as possible all around the island, see time schedules in: